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The difference between PAC and PFS

1. PFS can maintain high efficiency of flocculation even in low temperature water,but the change of temperature have a big impact on PAC.In low temperature,PAC has Slow flocculation, small Alum flowers and bad sedimentation efficiency.
2. The PH of water that PAC adapted to is 5~8.And it is 4~11 for PFS,Both these Two kinds of coagulant water alkalization degree will be reduced, but the PFS treated water change is not obvious, at this point, it is clear that the PFS better performance than PAC;
3. PFS can remove some metal ions, and at the same time,it work better on removing impurities and turbidity than PAC.The effect of phosphorus removal is better than that of PAC.
4. Compare with PAC,The water treatment with PFS is inexpensive,the same effect of processing standards, dosing quantity of PFS is only 50% of PAC, it can save 20%- 50% processing costs, and the sludge after treated with PFS is well-knit and small quantity, the sludge filterability is better than that of the PAC, it can reduce the processing cost of sludge accordingly.