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Wood based Activated carbon

Wood based Activated carbon 1. Glucose decolorization, maltose decolorization, citric acid decolorization, cystine decolorization, oil decolorization, chemical products, macromolecules decolorization. 2. Pharmaceutical Industry. 3. Food additives. 4. MSG, chemical, beverage and other decolorization.

Wood- based Activated Carbon
Items Results
caramel decolorization(≥%) 120
Methylene blue adsorption(≥ml/g) 225
Iodine number(≥mg/g) 1000
Moisture(≤%) 10
Ash(≤%) 7.0
Iron(≤%) 1.0
Chloride Content(≤%) 0.2
PH 2-6
Granularity 200mesh(75um)
Apperance Black powder, granular,columnar
Package 20kg bag

    1. Air purification
    2.Sewage farm exhaust adsorption
    3.Potable water treatment
    4.Power plant water pretreatment
    5.Waste water recycling treatment before
    6.Biological wastewater treatment
    7.Toxic waste water treatment
    8.Solvent recovery (because of the activated carbon adsorption of organic solvents)
    9.Chemical storage exhaust purification
    10.Automobile tail gas purification
    11.Gas separation   
    12.Liquid phase adsorption